How to get logo ın any website

guys how to add images to the site logo on your block like in other browsers

Like this?

it is dowloadd as svg so u can follow svg iage loading steps
serch community u get it

Sorry, but I didn’t understand

Yes is it vnvn

And you can help in detail

Search the community before posting :point_down: @Muhammet_Idrisov

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I’ve tried this already. I’ve visited like this: when webview is loaded> select image 10 to> join current url But it doesn’t help

Try with this url :point_down:

it works for me with these simple blocks


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I want to show this in the image component, but it doesn’t work there, you can tell me how to do it right

I also succeed in the webview, but in the image component it does not work

It does work. I tried, for example, something like this :point_down:


URL is :-

Giving me the result :point_down:

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Not working

What’s not working?

Can you post blocks? Also post the url here with which you are trying get the icon

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blocks (4)

Paste here the full url

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there is therefore fully inserted

Copy/paste the url in any browser and check if its giving any result or not

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Also, of which site are you trying to get the icon?

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