Image is not showing

Hello Kodular Community

I am using this block below, but My Image is not showing…

in this Get Item, it will be the Link or the Domain.

get item gets value ?

Otherwise you can also try

I have tried this…

Now let me check yours one…

Hello @dora_paz

I have tested your idea also but not working…

Do you have any other technic?

Instead of put , For me it works

Ok, Let me try…

This even not showing direct png…

Yes, Complete the url like

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Tried, But Not Working…!

I think that the CustomWebViewer need some special kind of permission for that //

I have done the same, But no Image getting. Just getting a white color

What’s the address you are trying to get image ?

hello @dora_paz


Even this is not loading a direct png link.

I believe you are using when CustomWebView.Long Clicked block

Try this way

Yes, I am using in the Long Link but, The picture is not showing.

I have set this::::::: >>>>>>


But the result…

Atleast you try to show us with full block when custom web view kong clicked.

Unknowingly you may out that image visible to false somewhere, pls check it up… your image url is not seems to be too length . Surely it will show.

  1. Did you enable long click to true?
  2. Are you sure that time your custom web view having such link?


  1. Yes,…

  2. I have checked this using direct png link from Imgur. But doesn’t work at all.

See my Long click blocks…

My Designer…

If I use a pic in the designer it shows, but by using the blocks its not showing…

What happened? Bruh… ! You have deleted the post…!

If you don’t mind, can you share the custom url link here?

Ok wait,…

I have tried this things…


  2. direct png image link from Imgur

  3. Custom URL Link:, )