How to get multiple data from database in a dynamic listview?

I have these buckets ( may have more in future ) in my database,

and all the buckets have same tags in it but different values.

I have to get all these buckets as an element in my dynamic listview and every element has 4 values of the tags of their respective buckets which I have to retrieve to show in the element of dynamic listview.

Please help me !

The easiest way if you have no authentication rules is to use Web component.

Set Web1.Url to


and then when Web1.GotText get responce content in json format. Afterwards you can use dictionary blocks and create lists according to your needs

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Hey, I am very confused with this.
I haven’t used web component before.
Will you give me some info about it ?

I have many project buckets, from each of them I have to retrieve 4 values at once to my dynamic listview.

Better use web component

Pls ref this aia

Can I have a screenshot of you database. Please!
It will help me a lot.

That is not mine… actually that dictionary blocks after the get keys are all tags

In the place of regions, water level… Use your tags like age dat of birth…

What is this “data” you are using here

and why you are using “sorted water level” even you are showing it in the listview.

Try this and see if it works for you

test_dynamic_firebase.aia (40.2 KB)

I got it :star_struck:, Thankyou very much

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How to Use with Security Rules and Firebase Authentication

This work only if you do not use security rules. Otherwise instead of using web component you have to use firebase blocks


How can I add a search view in this listview?

Search on community. There are many guides about that. One of them is here.


But I am using web component to get data from database to dynamic listview.

It has not any list created.

BTW, it doesn’t matter what you are using for fetching the data.

What do you mean by this? You have to create the list first and insert your data to them then you have to make search bar.

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I am not using a “Initialize global variable” block to create a list to show in the dynamic listview.

I am getting data from database directly to the dynamic listview

Initialise the variable to create empty list then when the data is fetched then insert the data to that variable in form of list by Set variable block. I hope you got it.

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Try this

test_dynamic_firebase_search.aia (43.8 KB)