How to get the position of similar item from list

Suppose My List is 1,2,3,4,3,5,3,7

In the above list 3 is in 3rd position,fifth position and seventh position but If I use “index is in thing list” block then I’ll get only third position how I’ll get fifth and seventh position?

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You can use block : Select Item from list <List=YourListName and Index=Position of data

You can do it like this
Set index to 1 because it can’t be 0.
My mistake that i haven’t change it.


Maybe something like this :point_down:


But this will give position of the given index number, he want all the numbers even if it is in multiples

Better you can try the block Is in the list

There is a block named
Index of list,text or something similar
Use it the list is it list

And text is what u need it returns the number alway remember index means number

Also if there is two such matches it gives an output of list which contains two index

This block returns Boolean

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This will work when you know the correct index of the item in the list, From my way you can get index easily

Read the query(first post) carefully again. The user here wants the index of repeated item. Your blocks don’t do the same.

Also looking at your blocks, it’s seems that you have manipulated the Do it result, because the Do it result doesn’t match with the input you are providing (index = 0)

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Sorry my mistake

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I feel this is the most efficient way, the returned result will be in a form of a list and the list will be empty if there are no matching items in the input list

It will work with text input too


Nice Logic :blush: I think it will work … Thank you very much


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