How to Integrating DPO Paygate

Hi everybody.
i’m starting a new topic because i’f been searching for 2 weeks now on google, youtube and kodular community. i found topics explaining some of the things and youtub videos, but not one of them explains exactly how or where to start. not the ones i found in any-case. :crazy_face:

My project: i have to make an app for a restaurant where the client can look at the menu and order the food over the app and then a delivery person will go deliver the food at the clients location. i got the 2 apps up and running, (the one for the client to make an order and the one for the restaurant to receive the order from the client), so i can show the restaurant owner how the app will look and work. but…

My problem: i have no idea where to begin and how to get a paygate into the app. all the topics on the community about paygates does not explain exactly how or where to start. i got so far as to figure out some of the code and files to download from the DPO paygate (a south african paygate) but still not completely sure. i need to upload that file to a server so that when the client clicks on the buy button it must communicate with that file to open the paygate’s menu page, and it looks like from there the paygate will handle everything on the webviewer in my app until the money is payed over to the restaurant’s bank account. the only database i know how to use…sort off…is firebase. so i am not sure if i can upload that file to firebase and how to get my app to send and receive data from the gateway and/or firebase. i am guessing that integrating DPO into my app will be possible because other paygates are possible. some with paid extensions and some without.
Can somebody please show or explain how, what, where and when. :smiley:

i have no blocks to show for i have now idea where to begin.

Hi. Thanks for your help.
I had i look at each one but this links does not help me much.

1st one is a paypal extension and will not work for i need more payment methods. (south african pay methods.) paypal can work but not just paypal on its own.

2nd one explains UPI paygate witch is just in india and it does not show the Encryption Key or the PayGate ID inputs or how to get anything into a database.

3rd and 4th one also looks like a indian paygate and i’m denied access to it. so i don’t want to pay for extension if its not going to work.

5th one is a pakistan paygate. so it also does not help getting the extension.

6 one is also paypal.
7 one is also paypal.
8 one is also india.

here is a link to DPO gateway.
here is a link the Documentation.
here is the instillation instructions.Standalone_Payment_Portal_PayGate_PW3_Setup_Instructions.pdf (3.5 MB)
here is the files that needs to be uploaded to server. (145.1 KB)

maybe this will help to help me. :smile:
Thank you.