How to know the usese of blocks

Im having trouble using blocks of so many components. I dont know coding. So if i learn java or C will i be able to use them perfectly? Bcz of that im not being able to create good & complex apps

Better you visit kodular docs webpage and start to learn one by one…

Pleae visit here.



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You do not need to learn Java or C language to be able to use them perfectly.
I think it is a good thing, though, if you learn them anyway.
But, as for me, I do not learn such programming language yet but I still be bale to make some applications using Kodular.

There are numbers of guide video across YouTube, these are the examples :
How to create search option in your app in kodular, thunkable etc - YouTube - Create search option in your app in Kodular (non-English)
Membuat Aplikasi Android Dengan Kodular - Apa itu Kodular ? - YouTube - What is Kodular? (non-English)
MEMBUAT TOMBOL DENGAN MATERIAL ICONS DI KODULAR | Jenis Font yang berubah menjadi gambar icon/gambar - YouTube - Making buttons with material icons (non-English)
How to Use Rating Bar in Kodular | Kodular Tutorial 2019 - YouTube - How to use rating bar (non-English)

Some tutorials that are made for Thunkable, MIT App inventor, et cetera may also works with Kodular.

In this community, there are a lot of guides regarding on blocks but some might be difficult to understand.

You may also do some experiments by yourself and find the new things for your app, do not forget to use the Companion to be able to preview what you are up to.


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