How to make vertical to visible in screen 2

Sorry for the simple question but I’m a beginner. I wanted to know how to make the screen1 button change to screen 2 and at the same time activate a specific vertical from visible to true. on escreen 2 there will be some verticals they are all invisible

In the Screen2.Initialize event set it to visible

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Do you mean On click button1 VA 1 to visible to true and other VA visible to false

Like wise …

On click button 2 , VA2 visible true and other false. Like that?

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Use Open another screen with start value. This value could be anything you want to pass to other screen.

As Taifun suggested, in screen2, use screen initialize and use get start value. This will contain the value you passed from screen 1.

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You can’t control anything in a different screen than the one where you currently are. So you can only set a TinyDB “flag” or open the screen with a value to let the screen know when it opens that a specific component needs to be visible or not.

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