How to Migrate my Kodular APP to Thunkable

How to migrate my APP from Kodular to Thunkable.
Kodular Companion and USB stopped everything.
I already worked 30 days on my APP, but 10 days I finished the APP.
But unfortunately I will not be able to finish here at Kodular.
Someone in the community has already managed to move from Kodular to another platform.
Abracos friends of the community.

Currently I don’t know about what you asked for. But I do have a kind suggestion for you, if you don’t have patience while developing a great app then you won’t finish making great apps. Keep patience, admins are finding and fixing problems.


You can’t migrate from Kodular to any other AI2 distributor because Kodular is the most professional and contains many components that doesn’t exist in other platforms even Thunkable and the new version of Thunkable (Thunkable X) doesn’t let you import or export project as AIA. Your only solution is to keep patience and try to develop features in your app and add new ones or start a new project or just have some free time with friends, you did a great job and you just have to wait for a while until admins fix everything, and trust me they’re trying as hard as they can to fix problems because they’ll be the most affected if they don’t fix servers because everyone would leave Kodular and they’ll lose everything so you just have to wait and such problems usually doesn’t take more than a week to fix.
Tip: after problem fixed if you still have issues, don’t use a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge…), use Firefox or Opera.

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