How to optimize our app?

I published my App Dark Browser in play store. There I got a message of " I have 1 unimplemented size optimization". How can I optimize my app. Anybody please Guide.

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First that’s a tip so it’s not dangerous…Second,You can easily press view optimizations button and post a screenshot for what you’ve found…

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I don’t understand. Do you want screenshot of my app

Hey @Thuva it’s a small tip give to all user to gain more downloads below is the full answer.

Long answer
Optimization tip :- By this tip google say if you decreased your app size (which is not required in kodular ) than your chances are increased to gain more downloads because according to app acquisition reports google found if app size is small than other similar app than most of user Download your app.

Simple answer :- Ignore this tip :sweat_smile: (this is not a warning).

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Next time search in community before posting, as this question is asked many times