How to publish appybuilder app project rebuild in kodular use appybuilder package name

Hello Kodular i have a query i have a app which i build in appbuilder and publish in google playstore .now i want to rebuild this app in kodular with using Appbuilder package name can i publish app in google playstore. Please help me

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Yes you can publish to playstore you just export aia and keystore from appybuilder and import them to Kodular. You will be able to update your app through Kodular.
Also add old package name.
It will work 100%
Hope you found solution.


I do not want to export aia from appbuilder i want to create a new fresh app with same package name .should i export keystore file for specific aia which i want to rebuild in kodular

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yes, export it from appybuilder and import in your new project… and you are good to go…:+1:

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ok thank you i will do


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