How to replace text at a point

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11/04/2021 04:35:14 PM

Above is given a date and time in one text, now I want to replace time with nothing. I mean with space.

Date is left now, i want to match it with today’s date If it matched then Do an action.

Only I want to replace time with space

Please Reply If you know

One way is to split at space and select item list index 1

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Is time will be remove.

Post a screenshot of your blocks

Here are the image


Your value contain three spaces. So if you split at space then index 1 will give you mm/dd/yyyy and index 2 will give you hh/mm/ss and index 3 will give am/ pm.

Now you can choose which index you want

Select list item list split at spaces (list name) index (1) will give you the mmddyyyy

But instead of using such things why don’t you use format date block?? It will be very convenient

Just add the select list item with make instant from block

Format date + make instant from+ select list item list block used in the image that you have uploaded

I want to show date and time both so I used it but split spaces method is best

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