How to save specific data to airtable from single user

Hi Kodular Community!

I am trying to make a counter app with saving data to airtable!
I will simply break it up into 3 parts:

  1. Sign Up Screen where the user gives data to sign up and I save that data to airtable like these screenshots.

  2. The Counter Screen where people count how many times they read! and I have to save it to my database of airtable

  3. I want to save whatever and whenever to read to my airtable database for each use, like some name is MAX, he counted for 10 times today then airtable should show his progress of 10 in his row where his data is saved.

May I know the reason for empty row?

And your logic is easily achievable one.

The logic behind is, whenever you want to save the counter value you must be ready with the row number so directly you can overwrite that particular cell value.

So while saving first time the user data itself you have to get the user place row number.

Image row is not relevant to the topic, and can please explain it in a little simple way

It’s a signup system like I am shams and I counted on counter 100 times today, and there are 2 other users who have counted 50 times a day, and every user has his own data for counter it should be saved against their data!

  1. Screen initialise call col A in a list

  2. User try to register.

  3. Check whether he is already registered or not by comparing the device id with the above list.

  4. Not exist mean, find the length of the above list and this number is the users row number save it in tinydb and save the users data into this row by using this number

  5. Now user reading all, you are counting and save this counter value using the save cell value and the cell number is present in tinydb

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@Still-learning learning thank you so much for this, can you share an AI for this just this, it would be easier for me. because I am kind of new in this :grimacing: :pray: :pray:

Can you please?

I am not in pc to design blocks that’s why gave blocks interns of words. Evening only I will reach home and will get ready meanwhile you will be helped by someone from this community. I just shared my suggestion, other can share Thier views

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