How to send email automatically

How to use zapier to send automatic email to client? be it otp email or any other

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I don’t know zapier but I think you could use Integromat and set it up like this but a little more simpler.
And I think this tutorial should help also.

ok but how do i configure the scenario?

I never used integration could help me? :confused:

In the block screen, I used a procedure and web component.

You will get the URL on the Integromat website when you create your scenario (You just need a web-hook and gmail)

There is documentation on the website when you build scenario that can help you more.


but I don’t know how to configure in integromat
how make ?

Have an option to use SMTP extension, recommended Taifun Mail… I also use Zapier but not very recommended, you just can use it to inform you as developer for any activity but not recommended to use in sending OTP, if will push then u need another 3rd party services, which lead you into trouble when one of them have maintenance problem.

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I just created this, maybe it can help.

see also Different eMail solutions for App Inventor/Kodular