How to set csv row text in colintree listview

This is my Baserow database below.

‘Name’ coloum has single text but ‘Category’ and ‘Price’ coloum has some csv row text data.
All data call store into three types of varible.
‘Name’ list show into listview.
I want to set ‘Category’ and ‘Price’ data in colintree listview when another listviews item clicked.
How can i solve it?
Thank in advance.

Here is block

You dont want csv block here

Global index should be set to 0 instead of empty list else you could try like this

In case you are using Baserow - Open source no-code database make sure that you are using v3.2 otherwise you won’t get data from all colums, see here

How can i add price in fruit list below

Do you want to show in List for example mango 50, banana 100 …etc ?

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If you wish post your test aia here, it would be easier for me to show you the changes that you have to make

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Test2.aia (96.5 KB)

Try this

Test2colintree.aia (96.9 KB)

Changes made

Thanks a lot again @dora_paz

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