How To add Price low to high System in colintree listview

i will trying to create an e-commerce app with price low to high system
and i stuck in this position so how can i complete this

Can you show an image of what you want to achieve

If price low to high is not checked

Then Create a normal ListView

Else Create a price low to high listview

By this I don’t mean the designer view the listview or design you want to make

like this

Do you using airtable??

If you are using mysql then it can be done very easily by running a query with order by price assending statement

And if u r using Airtable then u can do it simpley by setting order by price column in Airtable

And if your database is firebase then u have to work a lot… It requires more logic to do

So explain which database are u using so that we can help you more professionally


Use List utilities extension to sort price list from low to high and then show this filtered list in colin tree list view.

See in blocks, there are no database blocks present. He has stored his offline data in variables by making lists.

@The_K_Studio , The blocks do not show a database. But, implicitly, there must be a database. So what the friend @Zia_Choudhary wrote is logical: if you use a relational database, the work will be reduced.

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Exactly if he wants to develop an e-commerce app he must have to use some kind of database

Yeah it seems like this but actually he just not have only to sort his price list he also has to sort his images list, discreption list according to price list mean he has to sort three different lists and the results will be merged and mixed if he simply use list utils and this kind of backend because no list is bound to another in this condition
Price list will be sorted from 1…10 and item names list will be sorted from A… Z if An item name is Zip and its prices is lowest like $1 then you will get disappointing results because after sorting Zip will be at the end and $1 will be at the first positon in their respective lists then what would you do???

But if he uses a database then it becomes very simple as @Rogerio_Rios mentioned