How to show referrals details dynamically?

hello, I want to add a referral system in my app. Data will be stored in firebase so no problem there.
I just don’t understand where should I start? because I could design a layout but there could be 100s of referrals so I can’t create 100s of layouts, is there any way I can show people referrals dynamically?
that will show something like this:

SR Name Code Number
1 Vuko 87890 0123456789
2 Vuko2 87891 0123456780
3 Vuko 3 87892 0123456781

Please note that I’m not asking for AIAs or saying you to create that for me, I just need a push, a logic or an idea from where I should start working and how can I achieve what I want. Rest, I’ll do it by myself. I hope, I was able to explain that I’m trying to learn it not just copy others’ work.

Well I think this videos may help.

Let community know if it didn’t help

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I unlist this. Change your title to something that reflects your question.

thank you so much for your response. I’ve already saw that video. This video show only storing data but my query is showing referrals in an order with the given details like phone number, name and code.

to be clear, I want a system where my apps retrieve the data and show it the way I said or similar to it. Dynamically.

Thanks, it’s done. Kindly undo the unlistening thing.

well in this case, this extension helps you, a little difficult maybe for you to create cvs table, but this one will help you, best of luck!msg/mitappinventortest/B16XCAmuBJo/3EYzPa0ABAAJ

thanks a lot, friend, this is exactly what I wanted. Just one more favor. How do I create a CVS table from firebase values or tags?
Is there any tutorial/guide for that? and what if there is 100s of referred accounts?

Edit: I’ve created a CVS table, that was pretty easy, also, I just got an idea how could I do this. I will work on it tonight and let you know by tomorrow what I’ve done and will mark it as solution, Thanks again, friend.

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