How to use Sql Query (SQLite) answer

I use this block, I don’t know if it’s really the right solution.
but I have a result in the form (value 24) how to exploit the result.
I manage to deal with SQL queries, and it seems to me SQLite uses the same syntax, but how to use it with blocks correctly

If the result is not in list manner then use split the text at space … now you will have the list and use select list item block with proper index to take the required value . If brackets appears even after splitting the text then use replace text block

I look this SQLite doc the result is “YailList” , how to decode ?

And i don’t, it’s a bug : i do “UPDATE test SET valeur=‘test moi’ WHERE nom=‘pseudo’;”
the answer is “(nom, valeur dist,24 cp,25500 pseudo,test)” for “SELECT * FROM test” the value pseudo seen to be truncate.

I did this, I don’t know if it’s really clean but it works

the result is a list… learn to work with lists…


what is your create table statement?

thank you very much, i will read carefully

In the end, it’s an error in my UPDATE test SET value=‘test me’ WHERE non=‘pseudo’;

1-You’re confused… show what @Taifun asked for.