How to use webviewer as offline?

I have created a website for my kodular app
but my webpages are loading very slow
in any web browser we can save pages and load them faster
but in kodular app how can I do that ?
is it possible to upload my web pages to kodular app and load them fast ?
or maybe there is another solution ?

Please help
thank you kodular so much :slight_smile:

As far as I know there’s no way to easily save a webpage using Kodular but this WebView Javascript Processor for App Inventor tutorial may help you if it is one specific webpage you are trying to load.

How to read a HTML page stored as asset


Unfortunately I have to upload files and that just looks complicated

What is the problem with spending some time and learning something new? Or are you only interested in a quick solution and you don’t want to learn, then you are in the wrong place.

Quick or slow yes that’s right I’m looking for solution

I have created using adobe muse and putting all webpage files in one file that just will not work

What have you tried yourself after all the solutions that were given? Show what you have done.

How big is the page?, I understood that you created it then you have the source code, I do not see it complicated, you have to create a zip and when you open the app unzip the zip in android/data/, and in the webview extension put that address as the home address.

If you want help in this, I can help you if you give me details, as I said it’s not complicated

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

My every page is about 11 mb
On pages there is 50 to 80 jpeg images

I was trying to upload pages to assets as zip file but before that I tested zip file on server and I just realised that zip file does not work on server

I think My pages will load faster if I store my images on assets of application but I didn’t find assets path. I really don’t know is it possible to open an image in Webviewer from assets. If that is possible I can store all my images in assets and my pages will loas faster and my students will be happy.

Thank you so much for spending your time for me :slight_smile:

Sorry but I got lost, according to the title you say that you want to view an offline page, and now you talk to me server and upload the images to the assets, but it would no longer be offline, apart from that I do not understand how I would know the web that image of the asset should load, and that is something that can not be according to me, I may be mistaken but if it could be done that would be a vulnerability , unless you try to say you want to make a hybrid app, if so it already complicates the thing

I am not able to do that offline
And now I’m looking for another solution
My main problem is slow loading

If the page loads you but not the images is not a problem of kodular or the app, but of your server and broadband, what you can do is optimize the images, and even have the image load depending on the size of the screen, so it will not load large images unnecessarily, but that is already html code

I tried optimisation
but all my images contain text and when I optimise images I lose quality too much
I really need to store my entire web pages or just images in app in order to load them faster

Look for a good optimizer, I have a hd photography website and the images do not weigh more than 120kb,and the quality is very good

Can I open image from assets in webviewer using a path ? Is it possible ?
If I have assets image paths then I can solve my problem

  1. Why dont you give a shot to this lossless compressor -
  2. Or either download your website assets on users device, just by asking 1 time download required.
  3. Try caching your website pages and serving it through some fast cdn (cloudflare).

Just use that for nomal apks.


Here is full solution for your problem.
First of all upload the zip file(with images etc.) and get the direct download link(ending with .zip) then on the app startup say that some files are needed to be download to run the app, you can download that zip file with Download Extension(in Connectivity), after download completes, create a new directory with Files and unzip the pages and images there. After this I think you know what to do, set homepage of web viewer to the directory you created.
And to prevent download everytime, just check if the html files exists or not.