How to use ZIP file

I ziped the file with winrar
Downloaded it but, it wont unzip

Label1 is just to know location …


If someone can help i realy need this


Aia file below:
winzip.aia (2.2 KB)

i dont know where te problem is , do i need to zip with other program or what , i realy need this please help.

Well first thing, lets test the file and zip is working. Put the unzip in this block

See what happens


Remove the false block from password If you dont need a password.
Just put a empty text block there.

Still nothing

Meybe the path isnt okey ?

  1. You did not set the path to the file which you want to download.
  2. Use the correct blocks
  3. The file which you want to download should have a correct file name like “” and not only “123”

Dude , THANKS ALLOT !!! Mika
it works !!

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