I am getting different value in firebase if i put number in value


i am having problem in my database

under kodeaktivasi tag, the value is family
if i get value it will show family

but when i change the value to number it will give different result

for example if i put value 01022020
it will give me get value result 271736

whats is happening , the block is not change but if i input number it will give different result of value

please help

Can you please show blocks. Because whatever you saying I don’t think so it’s possible…


here u go the blocks

i have never faced such issue ever, it will never change value, unless you have anything wrong in rules.

the firebase rule is write false ,and read true.
and also the value if text it will only shows one word, if i type 2 words with space it will show only first word

for text with space you need to put data like this image

between these marks all data will be readed with space or any web link.

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Please show how you store values…

i store directly in firebase database,
so no block,
the block i use only to get value

so i open my firebase and click +button

OK, but as @ImranTariq says, you need to include escaped " in order to preserve content:

" \ " 0123 \ " " will return 0123 whereas “0123” will return 123
" \ " family names \ " " will return family names whereas “family names” will return family


ok for that…

but what i am confused is that,
the value is not like what u said
for example :i input 01022020 if using firebase rules it will show 1022020 because i dont use \
but instead of that i am getting 271376
and that number is not inside my databae
and my block is dont have a math function
thats the one that make me weird

Yes, I can get it to do that too :wink:

As suggested, use this format to enter data directly: "\"01022020\""