I am getting this error

i am getting this error.

my blocks

here is the error

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The Button with that ID do not Exsist.

So settings it’s image, text or any other property will lead to this Error.

no button id exist
here is the block

But here the ID with which the Buttons are Created are not matching with help of which you are setting Properties of Button in for each number loop.


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no, i have set my button id to 1 to 201 and i am setting the button text of component by using the same id which get id +1

Can you show me the blocks.

Here’s how your loop is set -

for each number
from 1
to 201
by 1

and inside that loop for setting Properties you are setting
id = number + 1
so at the last loop when number will be 201
property will be set for ID number 201 + 1 = 202
and with ID 202 nothing exsists.

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ohh :thumbsup:
now i know the error thanks

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