I cannot log in to my Kodular account!

Hello! I have a problem! I can’t log in to my Kodular Creator account, because of the new authorization system! I know that old users who are registered by email, need to re-create an account, but I don’t receive an email to confirm my email. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my mail is registered on Yandex. I had to create a new account in order to get help here! I wrote to [email protected], several days have passed, but I have not received a reply! I hope the Kodular staff will hear me and help me! My old email mail for registration [redacted]

You have asked to not receive any Kodular emails. In the email dashboard, your contact is flagged as “Complaint”, so you cannot receive any mail from our servers…
And I cannot manually change it, as due to policy restrictions it cannot be undone by anyone

However, I have manually sent you an activation link to your inbox from my email address. Let me know if you have received it

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Ammm … Emails are not supposed to be not allowed in public publications, right?

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I think so no personal informations are allowed in topics.

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I’m to slow, Sorry

Diego, everything worked out! Thanks!

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