I have an app Published on playstore. Still app showing not monetized

My app is Live in playstore and monetized with Admob ads only. 1 Banner and 1 interstitial.
I have also paid to remove the commission.
Still, my app is showing " Not Monetized " on Kodular’s my projects section. I need some help from the team.

Thank You in advance.

Please Fix This Issue, I also have the same problem

Guys @Bidhan_Chakraborty @TheDeveloperAsifAkhtar

Please read the monetizing docs and you might grasp how it works…

From the best of my knowledge, Kodular will show monetized badge beside the apps that are approved by Kodular. There is no connection of badge with Google Play monetization.

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Google Play is not reliable in enabling ads for Kodular Apps if Kodular itself did not approve monetization of the App.
Kodular Apps that are monetized by only Google Play they only show ads when a user has downloeded the app from Google Play, but when the same app that was downloaded on Play Store is send to another user via Shareit App - it loses Monetization. the monetization is only consistent when it is enabled by kodular.

for Apps businesses that make lot of Apps, how can we get fast monetization approval? due to long waiting period we are not able to make and publish apps fast