I made a music player app. It works fine on companion but app shows random error why?

This is my app’s block image.

This is app screen record.
App Screenrecord

And This is companion screen record :

Please Help.

Hi @Sagar_Chaulagain1 I will surely help you out.

is my block have some problebms?? plzzzzzzz help.

i’m not sure try this

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which block should i have to change??

Disable the clock enable block and see if there is an error

still error. i have implemented a function

if listview_item is clicked then
get source of sound
and change label to “buffering”

but it is changing without click to list view.

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Can you put screenshot of the error you are getting

I have put whole video . can you please once see that too.
(it works very fine on companion)

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can you try to remade audioplayer from single link??

Maybe you can show your aia to let us help you?

Actually you have to download a media and then play it like offline player.

Please share your aia file so that we can know where you made mistakes.

i have not finished yet.