I need the Mercado Pago arg extension

Mercado Pago is in Argentina and Latin America what PayPal is in Europe.
Whoever can create an extension of this site can pay money. I need it for the online store I am creating.

I don’t need it right now, but will probably need it in the future. If someone can build it I would also def chip in with payment.

PLs move it to the #feedback:iwant category, else users will think you’ve made a new extension. Or >TL3’s, change the tags pls. Thanks in advantage.


EDIT: What? That was not what I suggested. Well, move it to #marketplace and add the tag #extension. Thx.

Very simple, you can apply mercado pago gateway on webview.
I live in Brazil and here mercadopago.com has a payment link generator to your’s client buy out of app… just put link to view payment id on webview…

See more at: Recibir pagos - Mercado Pago Developers

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There is a way to confirm the payment?

How much do you pay for it?

No extension is necessary, you can send me PM to explain how I do it and reach an agreement.

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what about writing a quick tutorial in the #guides section, so everyone from Latin America could benefit from it?



When I have free time I will do it!


Please remove this project from the paper :heart_eyes:


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