I need to make an extension to detect chords

I need an extension that detects chords in real time from the microphone, if I could use a neural network like in this extension it would be much better, but this extension doesn’t work anymore… it doesn’t matter if I have to pay…

extension removed. Only extension authors are allowed to upload their extrensions

please elaborate
have you seen this?


I tried it but, what happens is that the extension requires a web viewer, but the web viewer I have does not detect me, it appears that there is none

did you follow the Harware test?

Testing Hardware
In order to check beforehand if the Diary app will work on your device, we’ve provided a project
to test it out. Start by downloading this Test_PAC.apk (link) onto your computer. Install the app
on your device. Run the app. You should see a “Waiting…” label at the top of the screen in the
app. After at most a minute, the label display should change to “Ready and working!”. If the
label does not change, it means your device will not work with the PAC extension

follow the instructions… I never tried that extension and therefore I can’t help…


Yes, my device is compatible, the only problem is that when I try to select a web viewer in the extension settings it doesn’t allow me, if I put a web viewer it doesn’t detect it and I don’t none appears

this might be because you are using the extension in Kodular…
try it in App Inventor and let us know, if it works there


And there won’t be any way to make it work in kodular… I think it’s an open source extension, it doesn’t matter if I have to pay, Because all the work is almost done in kodular

You forgot to answer the question


Hello, yes, in app inventor it works, but it is very slow, sometimes it has errors and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t

Kodular modified the webviewer component, which looks like it is incompatible for this extension

But as the source code is available, someone might know what needs to be done to get the extension running for Kodular webviewers… @vknow360 is an expert in webviewers… do you have an idea?


As we can see in the source, there shouldn’t be any issue in selecting webviewer.

From which link did you download the extension?, because it does not recognize the web viewers for me

I am using the same extension you uploaded in your post.