I want answer as 002

Make a list call procedure number 1+1


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when I save it to Google Sheet, I got answer as 1 not 001. how to fix this

help 3

Change in Google sheet cell format in number

I did but same result :smiling_face_with_tear:

Change to plain text

I tried, when changed to plain text can type as 001 on google sheet, but when we stored data with app changed answer as 1

Then call procedure on data received

I couldn’t do that. can u give me tips how to do it. The question is only from 001 to 100.

Post a screenshot of your blocks when web got text


Full Block

Try to add it in front of select item list


If I join 00 to text After 100, the beginning will be 00 as 00100 ?

Yes if join 00 is in front

If I joined 00 when i search category by category id it’s not work. I will try to find another way. thank u for your respond.

I did it like this. couldn’t find another way. thank u dora_paz for your opinion.

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