I want to added text editor in my app

Hello koder i want to implement text editor in my app.& a way to store html code
It would be seen like this

i think you can make your own with help of blocks,
like, add buttons and with help of them you can change text size, text type, text alignment, text html true or false, etc. try that.

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Yes it is possible to make such a text editor with Kodular.

you can make it possible with webviewer and some rich text editor, like summernote. also some javascript stunt.


Yeah i want to create this.any possible & easy way

I didn’t know javascript stunt​:joy:.that’s why i post here.i already search on youtube

I know that’s can be create but that was really complexes

summernote.zip (638 Bytes)

  1. unzip this file, upload the html file to asset
  2. when screen1.initialize, set webviewer’s home page to summernote.html
  3. when some button clicked, call webviewer.EvaluateJS “getMarkupStr();”. This is one function defined in the summernote.html
  4. you will get the HTML string in “web view string change” event

Tnx man to share this knowledge
Plz can you share block of this point.tnx again

did you find the evaluateJs block in webviewer?

I got it.tnx for help me

Very interesting script! Have you tried making it work all locally without internet connection?

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Wait i am trying now.do you know how to load html from asset

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It’s working dude

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If you want it working offline, you need to download the 3 file(js file and css file) needed in the html file, and upload them to assets.
You can find the 3 files here
Furhter to that, there are 4 files in ‘font’ folder also need to send to assets.
these 4 file should be in ‘font’ folder in assets. pls search the forum for how to make folder in assets.
Tested it with wxibt, not in Kodular.


If i paste text then it doesn’t work

can you give more details?

If i write on text editor then it’s return html string but when i past text on text editor then it’s doesn’t return any html string

you’d better to check it’s website for help. This is not an app inventor problem I think.

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