I want to ignore error message

first of all, i found a way with “when error occured → evaluate but ignore result” but not worked.

and i want to ignore, not fix the problem : the application is getting string from another device (circuit board by another developer) and already we talked about error. but this is just inevitable problem by bluetooth connection. and rare. kinda “string has corrupted by unstable connection”! but the error is not that matter for whole process of application. because the device will send another string in a second.
so i dont need “Fix the problem. dont ignore!”
(i saw too much of topics end up with “fix the problem” in same question…)

but the problem is application showing “END APPLICATION” like this is pretty critical error for whole process. i cannot tell to every user “DONT CLICK THE BUTTON! THIS IS NOT MATTER! CLICK BACKGROUND!”

whatever, i want to ignore error message like below

[image deleted. i think everyone not reading what is question, but only watching picture and misunderstanding to “how to solve this error”. so i deleted.]

+want to stack the error message and if its too much (such a number), then want to show as toast alert once. can i do it?

Transform the numbers first, and then use the data as needed

which numbers?

END APPLICATION error clearly says that some unaccepted operation you trying to use in app, so it pop up. Do not neglet it. Try to fix it by adjusing your logics… simply try to use replace the the text block and one if then else condtion block as if the value is not empty or … like this


ok then i can ask another way.
how can i bypass the error and show to user with toast message?

i want to “ignore” when the application receiving wrong argument but the wrong argument is having too much kind of potential.

for example, i can make the algorithm with C++ like “if (a == char) {b = int(a); return b}”
but in the case of kodular(or any kind of like this builder) doesnt have such thing. so automatic kinda python. ofc can use “is this number” block, but app think its sometimes as “byte(hex code)” to this is not wrong, not empty, not out of number even! the error in picture also happening with “is this number? → if not, is this empty? → if not, do *1” to make it as number(float or int things)
but it happened.
even not affect with “is empty?”
as you see, the error saying [“”] is not accepted into arguments" it means empty data is inside.

but i used “if it is empty?-> then do not even calculate” already.
…and its calculating with error message.

another example : if i write this in c++, then it will be make error.

int a = 5;
char b = static_cast<char>(0x06);

int c = a*b;

c is not 30.

lets back to problem,
when the device sending a string “6” then sometimes even the number arguments saying “you cannot use text into such argument : [6]. use only number.”
we cannot know this variable is int float char string whatever kinds. even too much potentials and not working with bypass.
i dont want to argue about this heavy problem with kodular developers. even most of situations by me will be nothing to others. and most problem is time. i cannot wait.

SO I DONT NEED “FIX IT” and even i cannot.
even dont need to fix. i dont need to show wrong arguments to user.
i need to know how to bypass the error. ofc i will use the errors when stack too much to show to user with “OK” button, not end application.

really dont like to say this much for “just tell me how to ignore it”…
im also programmer… i dont want to ignore fatal error to break all process…
but if its literally “unvaluable input”, then i want to waste it. but by system, its always saying like “end application”.

you can understand why i need to ignore when you meet the “END APPLICATION” button whenever user clicking backgrounds outside of buttons.

You clicked background, but not button. [END APPLICATION]

this is such a “you input wrong checksum. send it again.” when happened. but problem is always app making button “END APPLICATION”

maybe i said i dont need “fix it” over 10times.
please. teach me how to bypass. not “FIX IT”


if there isnt way to ignore, then just tell me. im gonna fight with circuit engineer as final way.

if its clearly im inputting wrong var to arguments as i purposed and nothing work in app with my blocks, then i would fix it.
but this is not.

Do some data validation before using the RotationAngle method…

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”. You might want to use an image editor to crop etc. if required. Then post it here in the community.


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ok, lets change question.
isn’t there any kind of error handler control in kodular?

wow… i wrote to ask “how to ignore error window” with almost 4000 letters
and NOBODY talking about it…
really tired

You forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks


Do i need to show block for asking about hide error message…?

but still my questions is “HOW TO HIDE ERROR WINDOW”, not solving the error.

blocks (3)

im talking again tho, i dont need such as “insert number in [name], not string”.
i need to make it not showing error window showen after the block acting.

Your example blocks do not make sense… the rotation angle block must be numeric…

The angle at which the image picture appears rotated. This rotation does not appear on the designer screen, only on the device

Your error message however mentions, that you are using an empty string, so some relevant data validation coukd be

If not is empty name 
Then set image1 RotationAngle to name


If is numeric name
Then set image1 RotationAngle to name


i will skip all kind of answers exept what i asked from now on… i feel like im talking alone to air…
really i wonder if someone reading a word from my question at least.

sorry Tifun, What you say has nothing to do with the question. i don’t know what you mean to my question.
i can understand “this is not good to avoid problems as programmer”, but i need error handler to prevent more user misoperation problems.

so still my question is

Now, i’m even feeling people bullying me…

OK, i dont want answers anymore.
i will understand “no solution” for this question.
because anyone didn’t talk about question but saying “make the window is not shown”

in other word, theres no way to prevent to showing a “END APPLICATION” button with error window.
such below.

thank you all. :slight_smile:

What do you really want?

  1. Don’t make any errors
  2. Make errors and solve them
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Therefore a screenshot of your relevant blocks would have been helpful rather than providing something irrelevant.

You did not understand the concept of data validation

For example you like to add 2 values a + b. The + operation expects numeric values. Data validation in this case means to check, if the values are not empty and are numeric.and only then do the operation. Same in your use case.


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I think what @Mok_Ryun want is not to show any error to users.

And for that the best way is not to produce any error. So follow @Taifun to validate data, show your blocks, share aia…

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Yes but for more detailed, i just want to use error message to control the error occurs

And as i said theres too much potential errors with device. If i could prevent the “occurring problems all before happened”, then i would.

And i wrote “im programmer. If it was fatal error then i would fix to not happen.” (I cannot quate bcz using mobile :confused: )

I dont want to block and perfectly ignore any kind of errors. Bcz someday in some way there will be unknown fatal error has be existed. And even while making and testing. I dont want to close my eyes from any kind of errors.

Most problem is the button.

Lets imagine about situation.(actually it happened so asking this topic)
When User or client testing my app,
It shown with “wrong argument. You cannot use”" in the method."

Then people in non english country clicking only the END APPLICATION button bcz they are understanding “oh something happened. Gonna click OK button!” And dont know even why it happened, why apps closed, even cannot report to developer. Even they are talking “why did you insert close button while using well?”

Even the problem is not that fatal to progress meanwhile application. Because the connected device will be send another data to same process.
You can imagine bluetooth earphone.
When its lagging by unstabled connection then it will send new or retry data even if couldnt hear previous, not disconnect immediately.
Not that necessary about corrupted data for this situation.
Its same with my app.

I made a window showing strings btw connection but when real problem happened, it cannot be work for check what was problem. Because everyone clicking “END APPLICATION” to check the window!
Even i dont know which string comes and make error to which component correctly because of this.
The picture i showed is just for example.

So stilllll my question is “how to make bypass and control error handler”

It is not possible
You have to live with the current concept and the concept is first data validation then processing


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