Runtime error ( Bad arguments * to [* empty string *],[0] )

Hello to all , today I first time ask kodular community because I didn’t get solution of my problem .
On Companion screen my companion app didn’t show runtime error but when I export that app and now open it in my phone then it show runtime error which I don’t understand.

There is any option to block runtime error , because my app functions run better .

Post the blocks of the screen where you get this error

@Mohit_Arora1 welcome to the community
Can you share your relevant blocks where you think the problem is arising.Thanks

Yes , at the time of app starts that error occured , so I share the blocks of screen initialise.
Here I set some layouts and call list data from tiny db .

And this is the app error :-

The way you r calling the tinydb value to the global variable itself seems to be a wrong approach it seems. If value not found either you need to set either empty text box or create empty list.

Also the error clearly says that either global scan list or product list is empty. Kindly debug on these two variable and show us


Problem is either of these set that > to =

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I already set global variable to create empty list

Set that greater than sign to great than equals the app it will work properly

And I need to also ask one thing

That is there any problem in global variable when I define same name in screen1 and screen2 .

No problem the problem is on in that greater than sign

@Mohit_Arora1 are you online ??

Sorry, You didn’t understand what I am trying to tell. I repeat, just right click on the global scan and product list ,and click do it then send that ss to us

But on companion screen no error was shown , that’s the problem .
Only when I build the apk and open app in my phone , the error is shown

When I disable that block , error also shown .

Can you share your aia in personal?

Can You ? Yes or No

You can send through personal message

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Hey thanks to both
I got solution
There is an error on block Textbox on text change …

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Nice to hear that

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