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Hello everyone !

I am back to ask you something : well, i have this project GroupeV6.aia (2.2 MB) and on the screen “discussioncompte” when i send a message on the app (chat app with google account picker) and i have this :

why this appear? and when i try to send a image i get a error : “error runtime : childname cannot be null or empry” and a button “end application”. I really don’t know how to solve it…
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Hi @JeS_appelle_GROOT ,
May be you can store your tiny db data in variables instead of getting in the add message method directly.Also,You are storing in your firebase a list of your name,profile image and message…So when the data changed and you try to add the messgae to the chat view…You are setting the message parameter as list not a string which is the value…So consider try using select list item from the value…with index 3…like this:
blocks (39)

Also don’t use empty strings in your upload path in the firebase storage block…

Hey! @ Mohamed_Tamer
thanks for the help ! it solve the first mystake !

now as i said early, i have another error when i’m trying to send picture. This is because i don’t put a upload path? if yes, how could i choose it?

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It would be nice if you could show us the blocks.

@vknow360 sorry ! i’m pretty sure something is missing (totally sure) here is “the block” ssss

file: random_name.png
uploadPath: Image_Picker.Selection


yeah but, it’s a selection, it comes from the person’s photo gallery it working too (i want a chat view message)

Set ImagePicker to Upload Path
In File set your filename :point_right: (imageName.png)

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thanks a lot for you help @Ottoman @vknow360 @Mohamed_Tamer

You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello again , i’m sorry to go back here but i have the same problem : the picture who i send doesn’t appear for the other device here is the code

can you help me? so : i need that : after picking an image and press the button "envoyer l’image (send the image in english) and after this the picture takes the place of the image1 and can be see for the others users…

Ok… I’ll look at your aia again… I think it’s something you made while adding value to firebase :thinking:

mhh wait i send you the new version of the code, i put some changements here is the aiaGroupeV6(1).apk (9.3 MB)

But this is an apk not aia :thinking:

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oups sorry :confused:GroupeV6.aia (2.2 MB)

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I want to understand something…After upload success event triggered you only show the image in the image component…You must add the download link to firebase db … It’s not enough to upload the image to firebase storage…You must upload it to firebase db as it’s the database that all your messages are stored in…

You must show the image in the chat view

What you need is to store the download url in firebase db using the store block…And use the block add image message in the chat view to add the image with the path set to the download url…

oww…i was pretty sure something was missing but i don’t know how to save it on the database and after download it on a chat view component