Image not loading

I am create a app. i want to load image an url i code this like


but not working why help me

show me ui and then full block

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Firebase adds additional \ in URLs.
So you should try removing that from value.

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How i can do it…?
Not only that but I could not see a \ like that in my Firebase value

I don’t know about this, but just one thing, \ is not /.

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Is there any other idea I can display the image?

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Show your Firebase structure, may be you could get help soon

Google Photos

Do one thing , copy this URL and paste in your browser and check whether it is giving image or not. If it show only image means you also can get it in your app.

If there is not problem in getting image mean you do not design proper blocks to get this URL alone from the firebase to app also show your Firebase blocks to let us all how did you try to get the exactly image path

Print it on a label and you will find it there.

I checked it’s showing image


My Blocks

I am sure you are not calling the firebase properly m your image is in eudzone>image.-url

But you are calling directly image tag. It won’t work. Just add set img_data project bucket to eduzone and try now

i will try and com

You just have to untick the high quality image in screen then it will work 100% fine