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Hey , I would like to display some images ( saved in the app locally) with the grid view component. What blocks should I use to achieve that?
Your help & suggestions would be really helpful and appreciated!
Have a great day!

What have you tried so far?

Not much really. I did some research only to be more confused.
I don’t know how can I set the images that I want to be listed in the grid view.

To get access to images saved locally you need to use file extension.

And to make gridview you can use dynamic components and there are many extension for gridview which are paid (mostly).

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What I actually meant was that the images are inside the app not in the phone itself.

This extension can be used to get file list from the assets.

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I am trying to display a 20 images in grid view layout.
How can I do this?

Read it carefully


Store all the images in a variable on screen initialize and then use table arrangement to show them


Sounds Interesting! I will try it.
Thank you very much!

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Means in assets?


Thanks for the suggestion! I will try to work this out!

Yes they are in assets.

Then use table arrangements (of grid you want) and inside every cell you must take a image and then set image to it with directly providing name of image.

If you find what u want then mark it as a solution so that others can also get help


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