In App Purchases Issue in My App

Hello, I have recently uploaded my App to PlayStore. While making In App Purchases in my App, it is showing error, I have attached error screenshot. I am able to buy everything from other apps but this issue is getting in my App only. I also tried on almost 5 devices and also in my friend’s devices,I’m getting same issue.
Can anyone help. Thankyou

Show your blocks ?

Blocks are alright. I’m also getting Price and product after clicking on purchase button but after selecting payment method and proceeding for payment it shows this error.

So it means there is no issue in the app and
its due to your payment Method

Btw share your apk let me check

How it can be issue in payment method as I can successfully make purchases on all other Apps. :roll_eyes:

I Have A Doubt
Are you done all the procedure in play console means A Merchant Account Creating Like That

Yup, My merchant payments profile is created successfully and have no issues.

Let Me Check Then

did you try a Google search?’t+be+completed


Yes, I tried everything but same is happening. I’m trying to do inapp purchases in other apps and they’re working properly and no error is showing. Only error is getting while I’m buying in my App.

Any Idea @Taifun
Every single user is getting this error and I’m getting payment declined in Play Console.