In title bar icon are not visible

i have tried to show icon in title bar but they are not visible how to solve this problem

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Title bars cannot display icons.

Do you mean you want to put your icon here?

If you need further help, make your question more clear.

I want to show icons in left side of dot menu

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I don’t think you can.

Hide Title bar and create your own custom titel bar using a HA arrangement. Then you can add what ever you want

br0 cant i show icons in status bar without creating another one


You just need to hide the in-built Title-bar and create a custom one by placing a HA and 2 or 3 labels inside it according to your customization needs. How much time you think it will consume?
You are literally acting as your name on community…Lazy :joy:

Yeah but by creating my own title bar will i be able to show same dialog as we click on dot menu in in-built title bar.

Simply add a button with an image of 3 dots. Next time please use :mag: