Invalid firebase path (again me)

Hello everyone !

I searched for a long time among the already existing topics but impossible to find a solution to my problem I have almost tested everything, but still not solved! here are my blocks (there are others but these are the ones that intervene)

And i get the erro : invalid firebase path : the path cannot contain “#” etc…
but in my code i don’t see this? (btw i change the path to nothing and same error)


You may check your firebase project bucket and firebase url…

hey , here is the project bucket : Capture and i see nothing wrong on the url firebase…

Can you post error screenshot?

Check if image picker selection contain any not allowed character

here is the error :

how can i check that? it’s pictures on the user’s galerie :confused:

You are storing image with tag is the image picker selection…Fire base tag can’t be image picker selection…Write a normal text And it will be solved.

Then try exchange upload path and file

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i’m checking that

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ok, it is better but i don’t have the image i have this :

(the picture down is a preview)

You need to start a new topic for your new question as your question now isn’t related with the topic title…

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ok ok i’ll do that thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You are welcome :grinning: