Is deeplinking possible on Kodular?

Is there any way I could launch my android app using a link ?
Means, if I click on a link or enter a link in a browser addressbar then an app installed on my device should be launched. If it is not installed then the user should be directed to playstore.

Use activity starter and package component

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I don’t think you got my point.

I think perhaps you want to launch an pre installed app through kodular app…
I got you now…
You want to launch kodular app through link (deeplink) :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
I don’t think it’s possible

Can I get it work by editing the android manifest file & adding an intent filter ?

a stupid question, what is your app about


The very same quiz app. When a user clicks on a push notification (Onesignal) I want my app to launch.

In this thread we talked a little about it but I do not see complete solution to it


I tested OneSignal right now. It’s automatically opening the app as I just i just click on the notification. I think I dont have to go looking for a deeplinking method :sweat_smile:

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