Any updates To OneSignal Deep Linking?

i am wanting to show information in app upon user clicking on push notification. after reading posts here i see that it cant be done yet unless the app is running in background. Has anyone got an alternatives or workarounds to accomplish this.


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I didn’t understand what you want exactly

If I understood you correctly, it is already possible. But probably I didn’t get you right, so please elaborate a little more

For a normal push notification the app doesn’t need to be opened at all. However if I want the app to open and display something when the user taps the push notification the app must be running even if it’s not active.

I’m trying to find a way to open the app even if it’s not running. Any info about this is a year old so I’m wanting to know if there has been a solution or not since then.

May be you are confusing simple notification with push notification, no?

I’m using onesignal

that’s not correct
a notification is used because usually the app is not running…

you only have to make sure to forward something to the app from the notification and depending on that “something” which usually can be identified using the get plain start text block from the control drawer you can display what you want after opening the app

however I do not now, if it is possible in one signal to create a notification, which can pass the extra key = “APP_INVENTOR_START” together with a value of your choice to your app…


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I will try to put the requirement in simple words

Link is -

  1. In push notifications i send above link as - App URL as {“app_url”:“”}

  2. and send below as URL to launch

In notification above things are coming perfectly, but when clicked on notification - only APP Home page opens ( and not the defined URL