Is in list? thing block issue

Hey guys, I have to run a block in my app that recognizes at login the database of his account so I have a index project bucket with all users project buckets that cotains the users data, I need to run that tag list in order to select the project bucket (wich is a tag in the index PB) that contains the users e-mail.
The thing is, the block is in list? thing doesn’t recognize the keyword "[email protected]" in this expression “COMPANY NAME_REGISTERED NUMBER_[email protected]

Do you guys has any clue on how to solve this or some alternative?


Never used Firebase before but is the @-character allowed in Firebase?

Yes it is, but the dot doesn’t, that’s why I have to make blocks to replace the dot with the -

Can you verify the results by using the “Do It” feature with the companion? So you can get the return results for every block by using this feature. This will help you to find out where is the problem.

May be the problem is due to @ and -
Try replacing them.

The variable “tmpProjectBucketEmail” arrives in this block with the correct format already e.g: [email protected]
Would it still be an issue?

Also replace @
May be it is causing error.

Right now I am on a public wifi that blocks the companions protocols. :sob:

Tested it, didn’t work. :sob:

Solved the issue with this workarround, hope this help other users!

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