Is there any method to import niotron's aia to kodular

Is there any method to import niotron’s aia to kodular.

I don’t think its Possible.

Its A Very Complicated

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It is the same “method” than importing a project from any another distribution… I.e. remove all extensions and components, which do not exist in Kodular, especially all ads components…

depending on the project it might be easier to start from scratch…


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I have achieved it but it is somewhat difficult, you have to uncompress the aia. Check which blocks and components are available on the other platform and remove them from the base aia. I can guide you but it depends on the aia you want to port, it will take time and it can give errors.

Currently I have only designed app

The package name of component like space and card view are different so impossible

Did you try to import it ? Do you get any error messages ?

Try this

Note: upload aia file after renaming it from file.aia to

no you cant because name of the component different …