I've purchased Premium subscription, but my account is still Free

Why this topic?

We have recently changed the activation process of Kodular Premium, so new subscriptions may take a few minutes to activate. To avoid spamming the Community with multiple topics over the same issue, we will be centralizing all queries in this topic.

Should I post my issue here?

If your account is still under Free plan after purchasing Premium, and your payment was completed over 2 hours ago, please post a message here.
Please note that we will use your Community email address to track the payment. Make sure you use the same account to post as the one you have used to pay your subscription.


  • One post per user. Multiple posts will be deleted.
  • Post only if your payment has been successful. If your payment was rejected or blocked, your post will be deleted.
  • Any other topic that is related to this issue will be closed.


  • Staff will edit your message as soon as your issue is investigated and resolved. A description of the taken action will be added as a note to the post.
    • If you have successfully completed the subscription purchase, you will see an edit stating that your account is now active.
    • If you have mistakenly ordered two subscriptions, you will receive a refund for one of the payments.
    • Do not include in your message anything like “Resolution”. This is added by staff.

I paid for Premium but kodular has not been upgraded.

I paid for Premium on 27.01.2023 for one month I received a message for successful payment but My account has not been upgraded

I Can’t export my app???

Found a duplicated subscription. Refunded the earlier one.
Account should be Premium now.