java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: Id is not added in menu item

Hello Koders,

I face this problem can anyone tell me where I am doing the error??

These are my blocks:



Please show us menu procedure

…and bottom navigation procedure ?

Move initialize layout to top

You seem to be using both alternative for side menu and you should not do that…

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As I have done this but it was not seen bottom navigation

But when I write this if else condition inside menu blocks then my app will not crashing

When I do not write if else condition of side menu then my app crash when I refresh

Ok I thought it was another extension, blocks were correct. Follow @Boban 's suggestion

But When I will remove this


Then my app will crush so much when I refresh companion

Try to move this if else condition to the bottom in screen initi. i e after collintree initialise… just try, i am not sure

Always keep web url and web get adjust to each other

Can you tell the condition of if then??

If global sidebar , which mean? Is it implies any logic?

I mean if global sidebar = ???

When I do this it will remove errors but my bottom navigation is not showing

Pls check your if then condition

When I remove this if-else condition then it also doesn’t show bottom navigation bar?

If bottom navigation visible hide the sidemenu layout.

As I have visible both sidemenu and bottom navigation

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What this error says


As I face error in these blocks only but I don’t know what this error says