JobX { job Search App} - Paid aia

App Name: Job Search App

Platform: Kodular


  1. Best Icon and splash screen
  2. Sidebar with Latest Jobs, Bookmark, Setting, Share App, Contact Us, Rate Us, More Apps, Privacy Policy and an exit button
  3. List View without any paid extension shows a logo, title and last date to apply for the job
  4. Eight Categories
  5. Search Option In all screen
  6. Job page show start date, last date to apply for the job
  7. Bookmark the job, Open in Bookmark screen also has a delete button to clear all bookmark
  8. Share Job Notification
  9. Available in Six Languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi etc
  10. Job Update Notification
  11. Chose App Color
  12. Best Ui
  13. Test Ads

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aia file available on :

Developed by aiacart and Amit Narwal

Thank You Kodular…


Which extension for side menu

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I think is a Custom Arrangement

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no extension, first create your own design and use “Sidebar menu layout” block.
You will find this block when you click Screen name in blocks section.