JQuery open html file

Hello together,

have the problem that if i use jquery mobile with webviewer for opening html files it comes a error message that it cant open pdf files ???

also i have the problem that by opening listpicker the app make a crash

whats wrong ?

please help

Skorpion_Daten_V2.aia (278.0 KB)

Welcome. Please post an image of your blocks.

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Hello Peter,

thank you for the welcome.

attached you can find the blocks and also the jquery file script

(is there an alternativ solution for adding assets after build the apk in Kodular as apptomarket ? )

have just find out that the listpicker is working if i use the compiled apk from kodular,

as soon i add the assets with apptomarket and recompile the file it crash as soon i open a listpicker.

how can i add assets (folders and files without apptomarket) ???

here a screenshot of the jquery issue (cant load pdf file, but its a .html file ???)

File structure has to be retained within the assets folder


I successfully added images to an app by opening the aia with 7Zip. I’m no expert on these matters but It seems like 7Zip maintain the original structure of the aia file when updating its content while other zip file managers not so much.

Hello Boban,

have change the Url to “file:///android_asset/leer.html” and have still the same error message

Hello Italo have tried 7Zip but apk cant be installed after adding assets

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Oh, sorry, my bad. I was talking about the aia file. You want to open the apk! Didn’t read well.

Sorry I just remember that this has happened before that html file tries to open as a pdf and don’t recall that this was ever fixed

I’m getting old and senile however, see this thread for temporary solution until it gets fixed at some point

@KodularCreator still no solution for this


thank you very much boban the jquery is working now need only now to work on the size, its very small :smiley:

only thing is now the listpicker, if i press on a listpicker the app is closing but only if i have decompiled the apk with apptomarket and recompiled it with all added assets and singning

do you have any idea whats wrong ?

any other solution for adding all my stuff into the assets ?

would be very great if there is a good solution

Just did a quick test with html and assets, source from here @Taifun’s App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps

Even if we add folders in the aia through 7zip and upload it to Kodular creator (it works in companion) however, after exporting the apk those folders are removed (strange as this has always workt before)

Decompiling and readding the folders, app works again

You may have missed something when you did it with AppToMarket as I did it only with apktool, see here if you may have missed something because AppToMarket is old and some things need to be removed

You can PM me the contents of the manifest file so I can take closer look att it

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Thanks for your proposal, im not able to send you private message, comes i dont have permission or rights :smiley:

i remove following text from the manifest file

android:theme="@ android:style/Theme"

manifest.txt (3.3 KB)

I see that you are using listpicker, try removing this as well

< android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Black" />

wow boban you are the best, it works fine :slight_smile:

thank you very much buddy, have search 4 days and you give me the solution for both in few minutes. Thanks a lot for that !!!




Even though you said it

I didn’t understand it until I saw it in the manifest file and as I said

:rofl: :grin:


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