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Hey all is it possible to use “if contains text” function through json somehow if yes then please tell me

The function ‘JSON text decode’ from the Web component (Not Web Viewer) will convert the JSON string into a list that you can then use the ‘is in list’ function on


But I am making an app using speech recognition

I have created a bunch of questions with keywords in json

@MegaTheProtogen I want that if the question is not there in the json data the it would look for a specific work from the speech recognition result

you can use dictionary block. there was a block that is key in the dictionary? you can use that block

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  1. Convert JSON to list of pairs.


  1. Convert the list of pairs to a text

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It’s a very inefficent way to deal with your problem, but simple. You can also query with dictionaries component trough your JSON file, but it requires good database structure and some logic.


You must your blocks first that you tried. And may you please post your JSON data so we can look into its structure.