Keystore uploading

Hello how can i upload my keystore to google play console

Why do you want to do so…? At most you’ll need the keystore hash, accessible from My Account > Settings (from the top right corner of the Creator screen).

I got it. On play console screen how will i upload it?

Why and where exactly do you want to upload your keystore? The Play Console doesn’t require you to upload a keystore. :confused:

See here: Use app signing by Google Play - Play Console Help

Sorry. I’m new on this event. On kodular i have a keystore. Do i have to upload it to google play console with apk? If i have to do, where can i upload it to on console?

When the APK is created, it will be signed with the keystore associated with your account. So no need to upload the keystore to the Play Developer console.


Thank you very much

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