Play Console App Publish Error

Previously I published on the App Play Console is made up of a Kodular but then I made an app with the same package name and the same name on Android Studio and when I was uploading to the play console this error was coming. There is any solution

Your apk are not signed with the same keystore. Or you give it another packagename or you make sure Android Studio uses the same keystore. Since this is the Kodular forum and not the Android Studio forum maybe ask there.

hi I Need Help that How Kodular KeyStore Import in Android Studio

Download it first from Kodular. Go to Apk Signing on Play Console and import it…

Dont open another topic about the same issue. I merged them.

Where i import this keystore file

Go to Release Management » App Signing » Request Key Upgrade.

how to download keystore in kodular eagle

Did you search the forum? This has been asked before. Go to account settings in the top right of your screen.

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Go to Account » Settings » Export Keystore.

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