Kodular Balances and transactions

Kodular Please review my tax form and why my payment is not showing in Balances and transactions? Please fix it Thank you

If you earn in August then your earnings show in balance section in September after deducting 20% commission from your earnings

Kodular update earning in balance section every month on 22th to 26th date of month

Thanks. Will advertising revenue (eCpm) be added?

eCPM is a metric that states how much you earn per 1000 ad impressions. What would be added to your Balance is Revenue section, not eCPM.

Thanks. I clicked on the app. And 0.2 revenue came. Is this the amount that will be charged to my balance?

Revenue of this month will be add to your balance in next month :+1:

Remember Don’t Click on your own ads

You had less than 100 impressions. The eCPM is just so you have an idea of how much money you would make if you had 1000 impressions. But 2 impressions with 1.34$ eCPM means absolutely nothing