No balance appears in my Kodular account

What if the application has been showing ads for 20 days without any problems, but no balance appears in my Kodular account.
One of the people here in the forum wrote to me privately and told me that the balance appears in my account every first month. But he wasn’t from the Kodular team, Is this true?

This month balance will updated next month after 20 th date…

For example june month balance will show in balance page in after july 20…

Still you can see daily reports & all in Kodular Report Section :+1::+1:it will update daily


Unfortunately, I have no idea about ads…

@Vishwas @Diego


No it’s not true you will not get current month earnings in your balance i.e in August current month you will get July earnings :white_check_mark:

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That is not true. As @Sooraj_Aniyeri, balances are updated around the 20-25th of the month. For this month, this update should happen tomorrow.
See How do I request a payout? - Kodular Docs for more details.


Thank you @Boban @Diego @itshassan210 @Sooraj_Aniyeri for your interest,

@Diego We are eagerly waiting for Kodular for IOS and we also hope for Kodular for Web App :+1:

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Thank you @Diego we are waiting for this :relaxed:

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@Diego Hello Any improvement in inmobi fil rate??

They respond anything??

Diego mentioned that TapJoy, Applovin & AdColony will be added in Open Bidding. but its been almost a month now they didnot share the news.