Kodular Companion is not working Error 1103 Dated 13/11/2020

It works as it should at my end…

It looks like your not able to get a IP on companion

If this is your current connection speed then this may be the problem.
Also I see that you have 2 or 3 instances of Kodular creator running

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Sure that may be the problem how can I solve it then? though I have been using Turbo VPN on my phone can that cause a problem with IP?

My internet is 4G even though the speed is sometimes down but I have been working with it and his has just happened only today.

You should run only 1 instance of the creator

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I am still suffering since yesterday I have done nothing and the problem is becoming more worse with the companion.

Hello, until yesterday I was working without problems, today the 13th does not connect the Companion, I get the same error.

me too
Same situation as you

Guys there have been 5 topics (at the least) created today regarding this situation. Refer to them and you will get your answer

Again requesting @Kodular team to help us all…

The same thing is happening to me.
But compiling app works fine. (Export)

This is to bring to Kodular notice that, Since today morning (13/11/2020) I am getting error 1103 while connecting companion and error 521 while visiting https://status.kodular.io/. attaching snapshots for your reference.

Bru Search in Community about your Problem before Creating a New Topic.

Kodular should renew its server for at least 1 year they renewed only for three months

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I also got it.

Why I cant Test My app In Companion I have good wifi Also Same Network laptop and Mobile

M30s Android 10
One Ui 2.0

Jio fibernet
100 Mbpd


Error Image

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there are aldready topics
i maybe cuz server is down.
i could have test one app in morning only
about 8

Same problem

Hi there!

I cannot test my apps using Companion due to the following issue, do you have any methods to fix it? Thanks in advance!

is it going to work today